4 Great Purple Flowers for Your Garden

4 Great Purple Flowers for Your Garden

Purple is a beautiful color associated with courage and wisdom and the transcendental side of life, spirituality. Aside from that, it’s also used to signify wealth, royalty, and power by the British royal family.

Having purple flowers will suggest in your mind these things when you look upon them. So if you want to have them, then here are some great purple flowers you can purchase for your garden!

1) Iris


The first on this list is the magnificent iris. It’s extremely unique with regal sword-like petals that stand tall and bend forward and are infused with a vibrant purple.

It blooms quite early in the spring, so you can grow them alongside your daffodils and daisies in the garden. It’s also versatile in that it can be planted along a pond, in wide garden beds, or mixed with others.

Irises can grow in direct and indirect sun up to four feet tall. Fortunately, they’re not as hard to grow as they look and can stay around for several years—if rightly cared for!

2) Verbena


You can make your garden exciting by growing verbenas. Their tiny purple flowers grow in clusters that contrast with the foliage, and this makes them excellent as bedding or border flowers.

Some verbena varieties are great to grow as climbing plants in hanging baskets or window boxes or draped over arbors or pergolas.

And caring for them is simple too. Even if you forgot to water them during hot and dry spells, they’ll survive; however, do tend to them as soon as it comes to your mind.

3) Bellflower


Guess what it’s shaped like? Bellflower is so named after its cup or bell-shaped blooms. It’s as though they’re heralding the royal court from the castle.

It’s nice to be grown as garden plants, but you can also let them spill over pots, hanging baskets, or a concrete wall.

Moreover, bellflowers can grow to be large—up to 6 inches tall and 24 inches across. This spring perennial is best paired with other spring plants so its gentle purple color will stand out.

4) Petunia


All summer long, petunias can bloom with ease and with relatively little maintenance. However, they can grow starting from spring and lasting through the autumn just before winter comes in.

Likewise, they can be planted in a variety of ways, in containers, flower beds, hanging pots, or window beds.

For a magical garden effect, we suggest complementing your petunias with different chartreuse plants. Also, if you choose to plant them in pots, use colors like brown, grey, or white for a classy appeal.

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