A Basic Guide to the Cosmos Flower Meaning and Uses

A Basic Guide to the Cosmos Flower Meaning and Uses

The cosmos flower primarily represents harmony and order. Apart from that, the flower has other meanings attached to it. 

The different colors of cosmos flowers also vary in their connotations.

Learn all about them in this simple guide here. We’ll also tackle its cultural relevance, various uses, and more!

What is the word origin of the cosmos flower?

What is the word origin of the cosmos flower

The cosmos flower acquired its name from the Greek word kosmos meaning order or the world.

This name makes sense, as these flowers have neat and symmetrical petals. 

What is the history of the cosmos flower?

What is the history of the cosmos flower

Cosmos flowers originated in Mexico. When Spain conquered Mexico in the 16th century, they brought these flowers’ seeds to their country.

More than two centuries later, the flower was introduced to Britain. In the middle of the 19th century, the cosmos flower became a popular garden flower.

During the Second Boer War from 1899 to 1902, the cosmos flower became widespread and naturalized in South Africa.

What is the meaning of the cosmos flower?

What is the meaning of the cosmos flower

Cosmos flowers mean order and harmony. They also connote joy, love, beauty, and innocence, which is why they’re among the most popular flowers for gifting.

What do various cosmos colors symbolize?

What do various cosmos colors symbolize

Different colors of the cosmos flower carry certain meanings. For instance, red cosmos connotes love and desire, white expresses faith and purity, pink conveys femininity, and yellow means friendship and joy.

Flower ColorMeaning
Red cosmosLike red roses, red cosmos suggest love and desire.

Recommended use: As a gift for someone you romantically like or love

Yellow cosmosThe yellow cosmos takes the same meanings as those of common yellow flowers: friendship and bliss.

Recommended use: As a gift to say thanks or show appreciation to a friend

White cosmosSimple and beautiful, white cosmos mean purity and faithfulness in marriage or the birth of a new baby.

Recommended use: As a flower or decor gift for a wedding, an engaged couple, or a new mother

Pink cosmosPink is one of the most common shades of cosmos flowers. The pink cosmos is a symbol of femininity and love.

You can gift pink cosmos to a loving mom or grandmother to show how much you’re thinking about them.

Recommended use: As a gift to a spouse or partner to express your love and fondness for them

Blue cosmosThe blue cosmos has a special meaning of peace and inspiration.

Recommended use: As a gift for someone to make them happy, motivated, and calm

Brown cosmosBrown is the color of the chocolate cosmos species.

Unlike other kinds of cosmos, chocolate cosmos are viewed as a symbol of being down to earth.

Aside from that, they convey security and luxury.

That’s because their color is reminiscent of land, which is associated with comfort and home.

It can also represent luxury since this flower is one of the rarest flowers that exist on earth.

Recommended use: As a gift to a modest friend, someone who lives extravagantly, or a partner for a unique flower present

What does a cosmos flower tattoo mean?

What does a cosmos flower tattoo mean

A cosmos flower tattoo means that a person values peace, order, and balance in their life.

The tattoo wearer may be fascinated by the flower’s natural and simple beauty and feel happy and peaceful whenever they see it.

What is the cultural significance of the cosmos flower?

What is the cultural significance of the cosmos flower

The cosmos flower has a deep significance across various cultures and eras. In Ancient Greece, the flower represented nature’s perfect harmony. In China and Japan, it signifies love, beauty, and purity.

What’s more, the cosmos symbolizes hope and new beginnings in the US and Europe, which is why it is a common gift for spring or wishing a person well.

Ancient GreeceIn Ancient Greece, the cosmos flower represented nature and perfect harmony.
Aztec CivilizationFor the Aztecs, the cosmos flower was associated with Mexican deities and spirits.

The flower originated in the meadows and forests of what is now known as Mexico, and legend has it that these gods created it.

MexicoChocolate cosmos (Cosmos atrosanguineus) is an unusual flower that grows in Mexico.

It notably sports a red-brown shade and emits a chocolate fragrance.

Since this flower doesn’t grow in the rest of the world—only in Mexico—it symbolizes luxury too.

ChinaThe cosmos flower signifies love, beauty, purity, and innocence in China.

As such, it’s commonly gifted to someone to express these feelings or qualities.

JapanCosmos flower literally means “autumn cherry blossoms” in Japanese. This is because it blooms through fall.
Victorian EnglandAt the height of floriography, the language of flowers, the cosmos meant happiness, love, and innocence.
USSince the cosmos springs up after winter and lasts till fall, it’s regarded as a symbol of hope and rebirth in the US.

What is the religious meaning of the cosmos flower?

What is the religious meaning of the cosmos flower

The cosmos flower holds different meanings concerning religion. Buddhists use it to symbolize the path to spiritual awakening, Christians regard it as a symbol of God’s love, and Islam followers use it to represent the beauty of paradise.

BuddhismIn this religion, the flower symbolizes the universe and the path to spiritual enlightenment.
ChristianityIn Christianity, the cosmos flower stands for God’s love for all creation.

Thus, it can often be seen decorating the church during a baptism, ceremony, lecture, or event.

HinduismIn Hinduism, the cosmos flower represents the earth and spiritual awakening.

Also, a Hindu legend says that Lord Vishnu plucked a white cosmos flower from the sky to create the universe.

IslamIn Islam, the cosmos flower represents the beauty of heaven.

It’s also associated with the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

Today, many Islamic buildings and artworks feature this flower directly or subtly.

JudaismThe flower means divine beauty or paradise in Judaism.
TaoismDue to its simple and balanced petal arrangement, the cosmos flower symbolizes the Tao in Taoism.

The Tao means the natural order of the universe.

Other Significant Symbolisms of the Cosmos Flower

While not as popular as the rose, the cosmos flower remains to be a significant flower across the globe. Here are some other ways people regard this flower:

  • Official flower for World Kindness Day
  • A common Valentine’s Day gift
  • For couples celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary

What is the associated spirit animal of the cosmos?

What is the associated spirit animal of the cosmos

Cosmos flowers have a few spirit animals. These include squirrels and rabbits, since they obtain food from this flower as well as monarch butterflies and bees, as they pollinate it so the flower can multiply.

What does the cosmos flower mean in numerology?

What does the cosmos flower mean in numerology

Being a symbol of the universe and all its infinite glory, the cosmos flower was assigned the number 8 in numerology, which means eternity. With this, it becomes related to the starfish, spider, and octopus, as they all mean the same.

What are the uses of the cosmos flower?

What are the uses of the cosmos flower

The cosmos flower has the following ornamental, medicinal, and culinary uses:

Cosmos flowers are used as cut or border flowers, flavor enhancers or garnishes for food and desserts, and natural medicine to promote well-being and treat fever, wounds, and infections.

OrnamentalThe cosmos is excellent as a cut flower for display inside the house or as a border or tall-growing plant in the garden.

Their blooming time spans early summer to late fall during which they can brighten up or add color to a room, porch, or garden.

FoodOnly one variety of the cosmos flower is edible, namely the Cosmos sulphureus (sulfur or yellow cosmos). It has a sweet and ripe taste akin to carrots.

Its flowers can garnish and enhance the flavor of various meals, while its leaves can be added to salads and desserts, or eaten directly.

Medicinea) It was used to treat malaria in Mexico and Brazil

The cosmos flower was used as a herbal remedy for deadly malaria in Brazil and Mexico.

According to a recent study by the NIH (The National Institute of Health), eight species of cosmos have anti-malarial properties.

b) It’s a rich source of anti-oxidants

More importantly, the Cosmos caudatus (Ulam Raja) was shown to be a good source of anti-oxidants like quercetin, chlorogenic acid, and ascorbic acid.

These substances counter the effects of cell damage by free radicals which can cause cancer, heart disease, and other problems.

c) It has several other health benefits

The very same cosmos variety can benefit health in other ways.

This NIH study confirms that Cosmos caudatus can also strengthen the bones, reduce body heat, diminish aging effects, and heal infections.

FAQs about the Cosmos Flower

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