Christmas floral statistics

Christmas Floral Statistics

Unlike the other floral holidays where flowers are mostly for gift-giving, Christmas flowers tend to be used for decorative purposes. Flowers add a festive touch to any home and the red poinsettia is the ubiquitous flower of this season. In fact, about $60 million dollars’ worth of poinsettias are sold in the six weeks leading up to Christmas. Of course, the red variety is the most popular colour for the poinsettia. Overall, an average of $25 per consumer is spent to deck the halls with plants and florals.

Infographic: Christmas Floral Statistics

Christmas as the top floral holiday?

Although some outlets state that Christmas is the biggest holiday for the flower industry, Prince & Prince disputes that claim. 

“Some floral industry statistics suggest that Christmas is the largest floral holiday. However P&P market data indicate that a substantial portion of that holiday floral purchasing (e.g. poinsettias) is likely purchased for (prior to) Thanksgiving (a dual holiday purchase), as the Christmas holiday marketing is pushed earlier in the season. Also, P&P estimates are based on fresh floral product, not artificial/ dried or plastic flowers & plants. Based on the number of U.S. floral-buying households making a fresh floral purchase, P&P market data indicate that Mother’s Day is still the top floral holiday.”Prince & Prince, Inc.

Nevertheless, this merry occasion generate a ton of sales for the flower industry as the Winter Holidays account for just about a quarter of cut flowers sold each year.