A Basic Guide to Camellia Meaning and Uses

A Basic Guide to Camellia Meaning and Uses

Ever seen a gem in nature? Well, camellia is surely one of them! It blooms fully and wonderfully with multiple layers of petals in ever-lovely shades of pink, red, and white.

For centuries, people have been hypnotized and delighted by its great beauty. It’s native to China and incredibly grows earlier than most flowers in late winter to early spring.

Apart from that, there’s more to know about this flowering shrub. So let’s now zero in on the meaning and uses of the camellia flower.

The Special Meaning of Camellias

In general, camellias are associated with love, romance, and devotion because of their large blooms and unique petal arrangement.

In Chinese culture, it also means a strong commitment between two lovers. The reason is that if you observe a wilting camellia, you will see that the whole flower will come off as one and not petal by petal.

But like other flowers, the meaning of camellias differs according to their color. Red and pink camellias are the most commercially available, while white camellias are quite rare.

The Meaning of Red Camellias

The Meaning of Red Camellias

Red camellias symbolize a deep affection and desire for someone. These flowers are great to give to your partner you haven’t seen for some time or you terribly miss.

If you want to add a positive, hopeful note to your bouquet, you could complement them with roses. So now, with the arrangement, you’re telling someone that you love and miss them.

The Meaning of Pink Camellias

The Meaning of Pink Camellias

Likewise, pink camellias also express desire but in a platonic or friendly way.

Depending on what you want to say, you can pair pink camellias with other flowers of your choice. If you add daisies to the mix, it will mean cheerfulness and joy. Together, the two flowers can suggest fondness and affection.

The Meaning of White Camellias

The Meaning of White Camellias

This color of the said flower has been the choice of many people for their weddings. The reason is that white camellias convey innocence and purity.

In addition, white camellias nicely symbolize adoration and care. Say, you admire a teacher or an aunt living, you can give them these beautiful and rare flowers, which are, after all, hard not to like.

The Uses of Camellias

Meaning and symbolism aside, camellias have long been used for a wide range of medical and culinary purposes.

As an ointment or medicine, they can treat or alleviate burns, scalds, cardiovascular diseases, and asthma as well as blood-related conditions like the oketsu syndrome (blood stagnancy) and hematemesis (vomiting of blood).

Aside from that, the flower can help lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, making it a healthy addition to dishes. That’s not all, as it can treat the common cold and arthritis too.

Dried camellia can be cooked like vegetables or mixed with glutinous or sticky rice. And you also can brew a nice and soothing tea using camellia flowers.

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