August Birth Flowers and Their Special Meanings

August Birth Flowers and Their Special Meanings

Most people born in August are said to be outgoing, kind, and passionate.

Furthermore, their zodiac signs can either be Leo (those born between July 23 and August 22) or Virgo (those born between August 23 to September 22). The former is said to have a strong, dignified character, whereas the latter is down-to-earth and practical.

Apart from that, their birth flowers are the flamboyant gladiolus and the extraordinary poppy. Let’s discuss these August birth flowers and their special meanings.

Gladiolus and Its Special Meaning

Gladiolus and Its Special Meaning

Standing tall and victorious, gladiolus is a popular flower in Rome where gladiators used to fight brutally.

It’s aptly named after the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword. That’s because its vertical cluster of flowers resembles the blade of a sword.

Because of this resemblance, it carries the general meaning of strength and integrity. However, some people also associate it with healing because of its role in traditional medicine.

Gladioli come in many vibrant colors including but not limited to red, pink, yellow, purple, cream, and white.

Like a rose, gladiolus varies in meaning with respect to its color. Red means infatuation and true love; pink also represents love though to a lesser degree; purple means royalty, wealth, and beauty; and white stands for purity and refined behavior.

Poppy and Its Special Meaning

Poppy and Its Special Meaning

The second birth flower of August is the rare and exquisite poppy.

This flower was used by Romans and Greeks to honor the dead in ancient times. Fallen warriors were offered poppies to bring peace to their souls so they can cross over to the other world.

Some people even used it for its healing and hypnotic properties. Also, opium is a highly addictive sedative drug derived from the poppy.

And from this, it makes sense the poppy is associated with the Greek gods of sleep and dreams, Hypnos and Morpheus, respectively.

In modern times, however, its general meaning is remembrance. In America, this flower is laid on the burial ground of soldiers or by memorial shrines during Memorial Day.

As poppies come in a range of colors, they also signify different things. Red poppies mean happiness, white means sympathy and respect, and yellow means prosperity.

Though rarer than other shades, you can find purple poppies too. People used these flowers to honor animals that were killed during World War I, including horses and dogs.

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